Aark Digital Introduction

The Leveraged Everything Perpetual Dex.

What is Aark Digital?

Aark Digital is the first-of-its-kind Leverage Everything Perpetual DEX for professional traders/LPs on Arbitrum. Our vision is to find the right formula to incorporate the best of DEX and CEXs. At its end, Aark will bring all onchain assets into a single liquidity pool to provide an unprecedented leverage experience.

The Basic Structure

Within the Aark ecosystem, LPs deposit capital to create a pool that traders can interact with while earning fees. When traders open a position, the liquidity pool automatically takes the opposite position without exception, thus the traders executing trades against the liquidity pool. MM(Market Makers) remove risk from LPs by exploiting arbitrage opportunities.

Everything Starts from Scalability: The Aark Flywheel

Unlike other platforms that cap their Open Interest to TVL(Total Value Locked) ratio below 1:1, Aark can scale over ten times the OI relative to its TVL. This advantage results in substantially higher returns for LPs and nurtures a positive feedback loop that attracts more LPs and traders.

Core Features At A Glance

For Liquidity Providers

  • Leveraged LP
  • Single-sided & delta-neutral LP
  • LST/RWA as LP
  • Streaming funding fees (market-neutral)
  • Insurance fund (eliminates bad debt)

For Traders

  • 1000x leverage
  • RMM-based CEX liquidity
  • Uncapped, scalable open interest
  • Wide collateral options
  • Super long tail assets trading
  • Cross-margin trading

What's Next?

Whether you're an LP, Trader, or MM, Aark offers something for everyone:
By serving various roles and offering innovative solutions, Aark aims to redefine what's possible in decentralized finance.
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