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Aark Keepers and Oracles

Ensuring Integrity and Security in Decentralized Trading


Aark Digital's groundbreaking ecosystem has been designed with robust safeguards in place, specifically focusing on the functionalities of Keepers and Oracles. These elements are pivotal in maintaining the integrity, security, and accuracy of trading operations on the platform. Keepers ensure the smooth and automated running of essential functions within the protocol, while Oracles provide verified and trusted price feeds. Together, they offer a harmonized infrastructure that maximizes both efficiency and trust.

Keepers: The Automated Custodians

Keepers are specialized nodes or entities that perform the essential automated tasks required to keep the Aark ecosystem functioning seamlessly. They take care of various operations such as:
  1. 1.
    Liquidation: Keepers monitor traders' positions against maintenance margin requirements and initiate liquidations when necessary.
  2. 2.
    Rebalancing: They also assist in rebalancing the pool's positions, particularly when the skewness cap is breached.
Through automation and vigilant monitoring, Keepers assist in maintaining a healthy, stable, and secure trading environment.

Oracles: The Beacons of Accuracy

In a decentralized trading ecosystem, the source of price information is crucial for fair trading, liquidation, and risk management. Aark employs the Coin Metrics Oracle for its price feeds, ensuring high accuracy and reliability.
  1. 1.
    Price Feeds: The Oracle provides real-time asset price information, vital for functions such as margin calculations, liquidations, and determining funding fees.
  2. 2.
    Liquidation Price: When a trader's position reaches liquidation, the Coin Metrics Oracle offers an accurate and timely price, minimizing the risk of unfair liquidation.

Symbiotic Functionality

The Keepers and Oracles in Aark work symbiotically. For instance, a Keeper would rely on price feeds from the Oracle to initiate a liquidation process, ensuring that the action is automated and based on accurate and real-time data. This synergy guarantees operational integrity, setting Aark apart in the crowded DeFi landscape.


Keepers and Oracles play indispensable roles in the Aark ecosystem. By automating crucial tasks and ensuring the availability of accurate data, they contribute significantly to the protocol’s resilience and reliability. Their functionalities are not just add-ons but integral components of Aark’s commitment to offering a secure and efficient trading environment.