Hyper-Diversity LP

Choose ANY asset in DeFi, earn yields
Aark allows for a hyper-diverse set of assets for liquidity provision. Beginning from the basic assets such as ETH, ARB, stablecoins, Aark is the first perp DEX that allows for LST/LRT and RWA for LP. LST/LRT are the fastest rising sector in DeFi as well as the perfect asset type to enable dual yields: native staking yield(LST/LRT) and AALP rewards.
Aark further has the capability to broaden its horizons to include LP tokens. Uniswap v2 LP tokens, Uniswap v3 NFT positions, Curve USDC-USDT pool tokens, or any other tradable asset with liquidity can be added to the Aark pool to generate yields. This includes aUSD tokens and Aave USDC pool tokens, which users receive upon lending to Aave. These categories make up approximately half of the DeFi space.
This revolutionary feature can also enable AARK-ETH Uniswap v2 LP token as collateral, strongly incentivizing users to provide liquidity for AARK on DEXs without separate token incentives.
Any asset that’s looking for additional yields on DeFi? Aarkitecture is ready.